Friday, Jan. 05, 2007 - 9:19 a.m.

The End Is Near!

My regular visit to the OB today was non

My regular visit to the OB yesterday was uneventful.  There was no major exclamation of "OH MY GOD!!  You are dilated 8 cms and must get to the hospital NOW!"  I am dilated to only 3 cm, which means almost nothing.  But, they do want me back on Monday to discuss possibly inducing Tuesday or Wednesday. YES!!  Its ALMOST over.  I also let them know about my Cthulhu faced arse, and when the doc (or rather the PA) took at look, she said to the nurse, "Lori!  You HAVE to come see this!"  I guess that's when you KNOW its bad.  *Sigh* but she was kind enough to write up a prescription for me for the painful part (the swelling I am just going to have to deal with for now) for a lotion or ointment that is some kind of "caine".  I guess all of those iocaine, lydocaine, and other caines are derived from cocaine.  Hey, it makes the hurt stop that's for sure.  We all got a laugh out of her expression of unbelievability at my poor arse's expense and I am surprised they couldn't hear us laughing in the waiting room.  Unfortunately, after waiting at Walgreen's for an hour, I was told neither they nor any of the other stores in the vicinity had my needed prescription and they would have to special order it.  Then I got a call from them last evening saying it was no longer made.  Oh well.  Again resigning myself to the notion that I, as a pregnant woman, am going to just have to deal and put up with the little uncomfortable unpleasantries that go along with the institution of such.  In the meantime, I have THE sweetest, most precious little boy, who is talking up a storm and able to make more coherent sentences each and every day.  And his latest obsession is having Mommy make him paper airplanes.  Its so cute.

Song Virus du Jour:  Ya know, I don't really have one today.  Anyone have a good suggestion?

Useless Trivia du Jour:  You can read Wikipedia in Old English, and even Scots! Oh, and Happy Twelfth Night.

Preggo Craving du Jour:  Again, as most recently, not very hungry so nothing is jumping up, smacking me in the face and screaming "EAT ME!"  But, I really, REALLY need to get Travis' room done.  Its about to drive me nuts.

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