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The End Really IS Near

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No really, it is.  It has to be because honestly, I am SO OVER THIS!  

Yesterday, I went on a nesting frenzy and kicked into as much of an overgear as I am physically capable of doing and declared that Travis' new bedroom would be done this weekend no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Saint Katherine of Seay came over and we managed to clear out the remaining contents of the bedroom.  We got all of Travis' clothes out of the other room and into the dresser drawers, and moved all of the infant clothes into the baby room.  I still need to put the clothes that are for 3 months + into the closet or some other place as right now they are all in piles in the crib.  But they are all laundered and sorted by size.  Then Miss Kathy almost single-handedly, taped off all of the edges of the baseboards, doors and the ceiling, as well as the mid line on the wall where we are dividing the paint colors.   Dark blue on top, and lighter blue on bottom.  Tarik got the dresser and bookshelf moved to the middle of the room and this morning, barring any obstacles, we are good to go to the thing painted.  Now, that's not to say that the Travinator will be sleeping in there tonight;  far from it.  We will still need to get the bunk beds from my mother in law's house, clean them up, get mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets for them as well.  But in the meantime, the room WILL be painted, and clear of any non-Travi items, and partially set up.  Thank you SO MUCH Miss K for everything you do/did to help.

Now, this leaves another issue;  all of the crap that came out of that room that has really no place to go except the garage, which we have been trying to clear out now for months.   Actually, we did clear it out several months ago, but it keeps getting filled back up.  We obviously did NOT get rid of enough crap in our Labor Day garage sale because we keep finding stuff to get rid of.  I will say that a bunch of the crap, well, its not crap, its books, will be going on a new book shelf that we bought a month ago and have yet to put together.  See, one problem with being this pregnant is that you are pretty much useless as a functioning human being.  You are very limited as to what you are able to do physically, especially when it comes to lifting/moving heavy stuff.  And well, this thing is flat in its box, weighs a ton, and is awkward.  I would move it from the garage and into the den to put it together myself, but its not gonna happen.  I'd break something.  If Tarik will just go ahead and move it into the den for me, I can commence with the assembly of such.  Then there is the crap in the closet that needs to go.  I have several costumes, dresses really, that are for UpStage, but  no longer any place to store them as all three closets in this house are now occupied to the max.  I really wish someone would be kind enough to take them off of my hands and keep them, otherwise I am going to just have to get rid of them which I hate to do.  Then there is my huge box of gift wrap supplies which will not fit into the tiny hall coat closet, that will HAVE to go into the garage.  And then there is.....  ah fuck it.  Suffice it to say that we just have too much crap.  There WILL be a trip to the thrift store for donation, and we have about three boxes of books to *hopefully* sell to Half Price.

So my exertions yesterday, as much as they were, must have let me sleep really well last night (except for my waking up at 4:30 this morning and not being able to get back to sleep), because for the second night in a row, I have woken up with a stream of drool down the right side of my face.  I don't' remember the last time I drooled in my sleep, and frankly, its gross.  THIS coming from a woman who has no problem sharing what happens to her in the nether regions with regard what goes on down there that is pregnancy related.  Everything from my navel to the tops of my thighs is sore this  morning, including my arse, my back, my hip joints, my crotch, and its just about every day now. My "Cthuluhu" unpleasantries are still with me, just not as unbearable as they were before.  But this morning this child is pushing down on my nether regions and making them hurt front and back, which tells me he is either ready to get the hell out, or he is just fucking with me.  Probably the latter.

Song Virus du Jour:  Go here:;  Its really catchy.

Useless Trivia du Jour:  *Sigh*  I knew this would happen.  As soon as I saw this story about infant and child seat safety concerns conducted by Consumer Reports, I KNEW my mother in law would be calling us to freak out about it.  And no matter how much we try to reassure her that our seat is safe, she still won't take our word for it, and that she is right, and we are wrong, but yet, she offers no solution for us as to what we need to do because she doesn't bother to fully educate herself or pay attention to the full gist of the story she is freaking out about.

Preggo Craving du Jour:  Get the room painted.

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