Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 - 2:18 p.m.

Am I Insane?

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I must be insane.  I just had a baby less than two weeks ago and already I am trying to get geared up for TRF 2007.  I sent out a note to all of last year's group leaders reminding them to finish up and turn in their year end performer evaluations so I can get my mitts on them and read through them.  I am ready to get going for 2007!  I am also in need of a new dress this year and have the materials picked out, but need to purchase them.  I am going EXTREMELY dark blue velvet (almost black) with black velvet sleeve foldbacks, and a black satin with stitch textured "checkerboard" pattern, or rather diamond shaped pattern as my underskirt.  It will be accented with clear crystals for full on sparkle effect, and silver and or pewter colored trim.  I just need someone to make it for me as Nina is busy with the business and working her other full time job.  I am hoping to have it done by the end of June/beginning of July, or in time for orientation so I can present my spiel dressed appropriately.  My last dress was made in 2002 (other than my maternity dress) so I am due.  The burgundy dress was a great dress and I definitely got tons of use out of it.  Heck, I even wore it at the 2006 orientation when I was about 2 months pregnant.  Ha!  It still fit at that time.  Oooo!!  I'll be needing a corset as well, OR having the custom made one altered.  So if anyone out there is looking to be hired, let me know!

I also need to get geared up for a couple of major UpStage Theatre projects as well.  I've got a board meeting scheduled for the 27th and lots to discuss at that.  Then I need to get ready for two late spring project:  "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and the Variety Show/Houston Talent Showcase and Silent Auction Fundraiser.  I need to find a few more performing acts, get some kind of script written, find a stage manager/assistant director, enlist the rest of the board to get items from merchants for the silent auction, come up with a publicity and ticket sale plan.  I really don't want this project to tank.  And there are 300 seats in the theater to fill.  If anyone out there is looking to be my assistant in this I will gladly accept.

Waiting for my sinuses to clear up, my stomach to not hurt, my backside to feel better, my hips to not be sore (soon, very soon I am sure) and to just feel better all over.  Maybe I shouldn't have come home from the hospital and started doing housework and chores right away.  Then again, I am going to be 38 in what, three weeks?  *Sigh*  No more birthing babies for me!

Song Virus du Jour:  "Save it For Later" ~ The English Beat

Useless Trivia du Jour:  Today is Edgar Allan Poe's birthday, and as per every year since 1949, the Poe Toaster made his annual appearance to deposit cognac and roses on his grave.

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