Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007 - 7:58 a.m.

Exploding Domicile

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Its not EVERY night that one is awakened at midnight by the melodious tones of a HOUSE EXPLODING.  I had dozed off in the den rocking the baby in the Lazy Boy and Tarik was asleep in bed when something, loud enough to shake the entire house and rattle the windows, happened.  Since it jolted us both awake we were a little disoriented.  To me it sounded like something had crashed into the garage door, or maybe even a meteorite hitting the house, but, I couldn't be sure.  Tarik didn't want to go outside but went ahead and checked in the attic to see if everything up there was OK.  It checked out and I opined that it was probably an explosion in the area or a sonic boom.  I also figured that if there were any danger then the local authorities would do a reverse 9-1-1 call out to everyone.  That call never came and we both went back to sleep, but not until after 1:00 a.m.  This morning around 6:00 I was awakened by a flock of helicopters flying around and assumed they had something to do with what happened a few hours before.  Walked outside to see that they were all hovering less than a mile away in Quail Valley which is the neighborhood across the street from ours.  Came back inside and turned on the news and they ran a blurb that an elderly woman's house had literally exploded just after midnight.  The house is completely leveled and the only thing left standing is a chunk of the brick chimney.

She was inside the home when it happened but was only slightly injured.  Its a true miracle that she got out alive.  Several homes in the vicinity have been evacuated while the gas company does a diagnostic of the gas lines.  Most likely this was caused by a gas line leak.  That's always a little disconcerting.  Gas is scary stuff. I am very glad that this woman was so lucky to have survived this.  She may have lost her  home, but I don't think she will have much trouble getting the help she needs from her neighbors as they have all been on the news this morning.  Things like this make you stop and think about what you yourself would do in this situation, and of course, how would you get to your children.  *Shivers*

Song Virus du Jour:  I F*ing LOVE YouTube!:

Useless Trivia du Jour:  Getting antsy to get going and get a new Tudor Gown made.  But, I need to lose at least 15 more pounds before that would be practical.  I'm not worried though.

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