Friday, Feb. 02, 2007 - 8:43 a.m.

No Sleep Makes You Muy Loco!

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Someone please confirm for me that I am indeed crazy insane.  I just HAD a baby, and now I am wanting yet another one?!?!  WTF!  No. Uh uh.  NOT going to happen.  To quote a character from a popular buddy detective movie series, "I'm getting too old for this shit."  It must be the dementia from the lack of sleep.  And I do mean LACK of sleep.  I think I am getting total three hours a night, and that is broken up into increments.  How is this beneficial and conducive to the proliferation and continuation of the species?  I think I finally managed to shut my eyes around 3:00-3:30 this morning, but was awakened at 5:30-ish because (and this is just silly) I DIDN'T hear Tarik's alarm going off.  He forgot to set it last night.  Doesn't matter.  He's staying home from work today because he needs to get in to see the doctor about something.  So he has gone back to bed.  *resent resent resent not fair not fair not fair*  And its an issue that *I* have dealt with in full measure in the last couple of months, and had to deal with and still function as a full time mom, who was pregnant, then just having given birth, and who still had to do all of her duties around here 24/7 regardless of the amount of sleep that was had....  Men are such wimps.  Throw rocks at them.

The sweetest thing happened yesterday.  I was here at my desk and had the baby in my arms.  I don't THINK I was feeding him, but I don't really remember though.  Travis saw us and saw that I didn't have the pillow in my lap that I normally have when I have Brady with me, and all on his own, by his sweet little onesie, he went and got the pillow, came over to me, and put it in my lap.  I almost cried.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little boys!

Brady took a trip to the pediatrician yesterday because he just seems to be uncomfortable often.  He makes all kinds of grunting, and groaning and "straining" noises, and he cries alot, and I was concerned it might be GERD.  Well, its not GERD; he totally checks out.  He is just REALLY hungry and a high demand, high maintenance baby.  Seriously, he eats every two hours, if not more often, hence the total lack of sleep on my part.  Although yesterday he did go for one 3 hour stretch.  That was nice.  I slept for like 45 minutes during that nap he took.  Of course in order for that to happen, Trav was at his grandparents' house.  Maybe I can get some sleep today since Tarik will be home!  Oh, wait.  He'll be whiny boy because he doesn't feel well.  Oh well.

Song Virus du Jour:  "Stay With Me" ~ Shakespeare's Sister


Useless Trivia du Jour:  My new little man, not so little.  Weighed in at 9 pounds yesterday.  Not surprising either since he is my vampire piglet baby!  Oh, go Colts!


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