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Valentine's Day: The Epilogue

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The saga of my Valentine's Day continues, and let me just preface this by stating that I am not in the least upset or miffed.  I am actually rather amused.  Well, maybe amused is not really the word I am looking for either.  I think "too tired to get upset about it" is more apropos.  In any event, there is more to the story other than my gift not getting here on the 14th.

Now, I can TOTALLY understand and would indeed expect that flowers ordered via FTD ON Valentine's Day, would not be delivered on Valentine's Day.  But when FTD told Tarik that they would be able to deliver them on the 14th, he was happy and went ahead and placed the order.  Well, like I reported in my previous post, they did not arrive.  Nor did they arrive yesterday either.  Hmmmmm....  I can understand not on the 14th, but not so understanding regarding the 15th.  Well, they finally showed up today on my front doorstep.  A box from Fed Ex with 6 pink roses with a few other flowers mixed in.  They are very nice and pretty and are now in a vase.  However, this is NOT what Tarik ordered and it is NOT what he paid for.  In fact, what he actually ordered probably cost 4 times more than what what showed up today.  And honestly, its not the cost that matters to me.  What I got is very nice.  I just don't want to be charged for something I never received.   So, whenever he gets home I suppose he is going to contact FTD and find out what the big dang deal is.  Oh, and for the record, he ordered me a large bouquet of purple flowers in a vase, with a box of chocolates. 

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