Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007 - 11:07 a.m.


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Some interesting but not universe altering tidbits:

We have now taught Travis to say "booty" instead of "butt."  Its very cute.

We watched "Star Wars:  A New Hope" a couple of nights ago and Travis did his first Darth Vader breathing impression.  He has two VERY proud parents.

Brady's baby acne is starting to clear up, thank goodness.  It was looking awful!  I know it doesn't bother him, but its a bit disconcerting for Mommy to see.

Tarik was stuck in an elevator by himself for 45 minutes yesterday, and had NO Harry Potter downloaded onto his phone to listen to while he waited to be "rescued."  Poor guy.  And yes, he IS claustrophobic.

Oh yeah, my hubby is now extremely into the HP crack and has formulated his own hypotheses on plot points and story direction.

FTD gave us a full refund for the flowers that Tarik ordered for Valentine's Day that never arrived.  The six long stemmed pink roses they DID send were comped!  Bonus!  Free stuff.  I like free.

My motherf&$#@&^ ulcer really hurts today and hurt for most of the day yesterday.  This does NOT make for a happy me.  In fact, it has me a bit concerned as the Prevacid I take usually makes it stop hurting.  Not so yesterday or today.  I think it may be duodenal rather than stomach.

I generally feel like CRAP right now, and not even Cute Overload can make me feel better.  Blaaurghhhhhhhhh!

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