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Yesterday while the kids were simultaneously napping, yeah, it can happen, I managed to sort through a plethora of papers and mementos that had been accumulating on top of a cabinet here in our "office."  The accumulation has gone on since the last time I sorted through these items, about 4 years, or right around the time Tarik left to go work overseas in Jordan.  Needless to say there was a goodly amount of dust that had formed a rather nasty layer of allergens.  Despite that, I sat down on the floor with my pile and began.  If there is one thing I have learned in my 38 years is that I am truly a blessed person.  I must have dusted off and put away close to 100 birthday cards alone, and just from the past three years.  Also in the mix were thank you notes, wedding, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower and other party invitations, post cards, theater programs, announcements of various kinds including births, upcoming performances in shows, happy occasions, and, a few funeral bulletins.  

There are cards from bouquets of flowers that Tarik sent me while he was overseas.  Marty and Kym, I found your wedding invitation along with our place cards from your reception.  Eide, I found your wedding invitation.  Mandy Odgers high school graduation announcement.  Reesa Graham's U of H graduation announcement.  There was an old Christmas party invitation from Mark and Cat Jones ; the bulletin from Lenny's funeral;  an invite to Vicky Nietzel's wedding and house warming;    the bulletin from the funeral of the woman who cast me in my first stage role;  congratulatory cards on the birth of Travis;  numerous cards from old friends of mine who send cards each and EVERY holiday including St. Pats, and Halloween; and not to mention all of the Christmas cards.  I save everything.  I know, I am a pack rat, but each and every one of these things is something personal and holds sentimental value for me.  They are but small reminders that to these people, I am am someone special in their lives, and that my presence at their special event is meaningful, or that they are thinking of me and wishing me well.  Cards of any kind are but a small gesture, but mean so much, are from the heart and very personal.

Going through this assortment also reminded me how of little time I have spent the last few years reciprocating these kind gestures.  For the past three Christmases I have not sent Christmas cards.  And I know I don't have as much extra time on my hands as I did before Tarik went overseas and I had children, but, I could still make a more concerted effort to get them out.  And if I have ever had a New Year's resolution, its been to make a more concerted effort to remember birthdays.  I guess what I am trying to get across here is that I appreciate that my friendship is meaningful to so many.  They say that on your deathbed, its not the wealth you've accumulated, or the possessions you have, or the stature you have obtained that matters, its those we love and them who love us that matter. I am fortunate that my cup runneth over.

Song Virus du Jour:  "Ruby Tuesday" ~ The Rolling Stones

Useless Trivia du Jour:  Even when I am being all sentimental like this, it still cracks me up to hear Travis say the word "farted".

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