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Soooo many things to relay.  I've been immersed in stuff from UpStage to TRF to being a mom and have not had much time to write things down.  

I guess I will start with the most unusual news I have.  Several years ago I asked the question:  "When my ex-boyfriend has his sex change, will that make him my ex-girlfriend?"  Which topic you are MORE than free to discuss at length in the comments herein.  Well, today that becomes a reality as Audrey is having her final surgery, and yes, its the one that counts.  She is having it done by one of the preeminent pelvic reconstructive surgeons in the US, Dr. Marci Bowers.  Dr. Bowers is an OB/GYN and is actually trans-gendered herself.  I'm glad she's having it done by her.  I recently watched a program about Dr. Bowers and it made me want to go to work for her.  So my thoughts and prayers are with Audrey today.

Also having surgery today is my sister in law who has a ruptured disk in her neck.  Its to remove the disk and fuse two vertebrae together with a disk of bone.  Luckily they don't have to take it from her hip.  Its one of those surgeries that, if the doc slips up, leaves you a paraplegic.  But luckily, he didn't and she came through fine.  I can't wait for her post op crankiness.

I have delved head first and seemingly full time into organizing the UpStage Theatre fund raiser.  Its a variety show and silent auction.  I recruited all of the acts, wrote the show, and am directing the show.  I contacted everyone who has donated items for the auction and raffles, am organizing all the items for auction including prepping all of the description and bid sheets.  I am actively publicizing the show.  I organized organized a reception to take place at an art gallery a few blocks away including asking for donations of wine and champagne to be served at the reception.  I am writing the program which includes over 20 people's bios and headshots....  for someone who doesn't have a regular job, I sure do work a lot.  Seriously, between being board president and organizing this event, I am spending several hours a day every day just on UpStage.  I will be glad when the fundraiser is over.  I honestly enjoy organizing events like this, but, I am a stay at home mom and need to focus on my children more than this project is allowing me.  I think next year I will ask to do the show and ask someone else to handle the silent auction.   I will also be glad when its over because then I will be able to gauge its success.  Right now my biggest fear is that no one shows up even though I know that won't be the case.  But can you imagine how incredible would it be to sell out a 300 seat venue?  After May 19th I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

I've put in a request for a play I am DYING to direct for UpStage, but unless we can increase our attendance, we may need to stick to the tried and true classics that are sure thing audience grabbers.  However, I think "Anne of the Thousand Days" is a sure thing in that we can ride the wave of "The Tudors" as well as people liking costume dramas.   I would hate to not be able to do this show. 

The same week of the fundraiser, I begin rehearsing "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" which is a restaging of this one hour production from a competition a few years ago.  This time we will be performing the entire script, and we won't have our original Dr. J with us as his professional schedule won't allow for it.  But we have found a new Dr. J./Mr. H. and I am very much looking forward to getting back on the stage.  Its been 3 years since I appeared on stage, what with making babies and all that goes along with that, and that's just too long.

My sweet, sweet little boys are just getting bigger all the time.  Travis, well, what can I say about him?  He is the sweetest, brightest child, and just makes me laugh every time I turn around, when he's not being a little poopie head.  Brady is emerging from this newborn fog and is no longer colicky, he smiles BIG, and is being so interactive.  He is SUCH a pretty baby.  I am the luckiest mom alive.

I am sure I have more to relay, but having a very full plate to keep my brain busy here of late has pushed aside many thoughts in the forefront of my mind.  I have no song virus today and no useless trivia.  C'est la vie!

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