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This May Sound Pretentious, But.....

I love visual and performing arts and I am constantly amazed at the limitless creativity of individuals

I love visual and performing arts and I am constantly amazed at the limitless creativity of individuals.  I also wholeheartedly admit to the rearing of the ugly head of the green monster when I find an artist whose work I admire, find aesthetically pleasing, infinitely creative, unique, and not to mention marketable. Hey!  Just because you're an artist doesn't mean you have to be one of the starving variety.  Hell yes you should earn money from your hard work and unique talent!  I'm even more envious when an artist's work is wholly unique, and nothing else I have seen even remotely resembles what they are doing, and they are lucky enough that others want to own a piece of their work.  I think nothing makes an artists happier than to have others appreciate and understand what they do.  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at someone's work and thought to myself, "Oh how I wish *I* had imagined that."  I enjoy everything from painting, photography, and sculpture, to the improvisation work I see each year by performers out at the Renaissance Festival.  A broad spectrum of imaginative work.  Because really, that's what it is;  applying one's imagination then crafting that concept into a tangible media for others to enjoy.  Perhaps the word "art" is too cliché.  And while I have had to focus on one form of my artistic endeavors the last 15 years or so on performance, it doesn't mean that I don't often think about other media I have undertaken in years past.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art from The University of Texas at Austin in 1991, and while that doesn't make me an art EXPERT by any stretch of the imagination, I do know a bit about design and composition, and what goes into creating a "good" piece of art, and those concepts don't just apply to static works. 

So here for you now are some of my favorite visual artists whose work I would like to share and pass around:

Matt Armindariz:  Photography.  Matt is an old friend from my college days.  He is a "recreational chef" and photographer and is compiling a cookbook.  His work makes you want to take a bite out of your monitor.

Jason Stone:  Photography.  Eide's husband who is the only person I know who can make Jen Ellis look this freaky scary.

Strange Dolls:  Roxy Hixon introduced me to these.  This is what I am talking about when I say I become jealous.  Oh how I wish I had thought of these!  They are freaky, and strangely beautiful as well.

c h r o m a s i a:  Photography.  A photographer from Blackpool, on the northwest English coast.  BEAUTIFUL images of the town, events, his family...

PostSecret:  Send in an anonymous postcard with your deepest, darkest secret.  Another idea I wish I had come up with because now this guy is selling books of postcards people send him.

Found Magazine:  Anonymous bits and pieces of people's thoughts found lying about.

Lee Anne Seed:  She has truly distinguished herself with her own signature style.  Normally I am not a fan of fairy art, but I know Lee Anne and actually do like her work if nothing but for the fact that she HAS carved out her niche with her own gorgeous style.

Linda Montano:  Linda was my performance art professor at UT.  She is an incredibly interesting, complex, talented and creative woman.  In many ways, she changed my life.

Bede Van Dyke:  A true all around artist who is a professional architect, but also draws, sculpts, does photography, and paints.  I LOVE his landscapes.

Brady Smith:  I first met Brady when we were both in a production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" at Company OnStage about 10 years ago.  He played a cop.  Since then he has gone on to bigger and better things such as moving to LA and becoming a very successful commercial actor (he's the guy falling backwards on a ladder in an Aflac ad, and will forever be "infamous" for being the first to utter "gellin'" in those annoying Dr. Scholl's ads), and he's married to Tiffani Theissen.  We own one of his paintings which hangs over our fireplace which we purchased at his "clearance sale" before he headed out to Cali.

Song Virus du Jour: I got nothing if you can believe it.  Anyone have a good song virus to share?

Useless Trivia du Jour:  Here is Brady's IMDB page.

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