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OH the Drama!

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Spent all the livelong day inside yesterday as it seems with the current weather situation we should all be building arks and forming our own zoos.  AND, you won't believe this, watched the entire 13 hour series on the History Channel, "The Revolution."  I'm not kidding.  It started at 9 in the morning and ended at 10 last night.  Oh, at some point I went and did the grocery shopping, picked up breakfast tacos, washed and folded a few loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher, fed the kiddos, changed their clothes, changed their diapers throughout the day, let the dog outside to pee on a few occasions,  cleaned up cat puke, held Micro Dude for half the day because he would get cranky if I put him down, kissed boo-boo's, made cups of milk for Little Dude, was bitten on BOTH boobs - HARD - by Micro Dude, picked up a million and one toys scattered all over by Little Dude, straightened up our bedroom and made the bed, all while the hubby sat planted horizontally on the sofa either in our bedroom or the den because he had a sinus infection and didn't feel well;  "I had a fever this morning for God's sake!"  *Sigh*  I'm so so sorry you were sick.  So sorry that when YOU'RE sick, you have NO problem eschewing each and every task that needs to be done around here and you feel you have no obligations or responsibilities because you *gasp* HAD A FEVER!!  OMG!!!  See the above paragraph?  Well, that's me on ANY given day, whether I feel well or not.  And I do it WITH and without a fever, and with sore hands, and with a bone spur in my hip that makes my entire leg hurt, all the time.....  You need to rest.  You really do.  Maybe then, when YOU are rested, then you can take up the reins and do everything in this house that needs to be done in a single day on your day off or the weekend and let ME rest.  I am not afforded the luxury of a day off.  Yes, I fully admit it, I have HORRIBLE Mommy Martyr syndrome.

In the most clever of segues, I do have some GREAT NEWS...  I do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have arthritis.  Last week my doc ordered blood work and everything came back A-OK.  My hands hurt most likely from repetitive motion and pressure from lifting and carrying of the kiddos, and really, it makes total sense.  My poor right hand, I use it to lift Micro Dude in his baby car seat, lifting gallons of milk out of the fridge (hey, a gallon of milk weighs quite a bit), picking up Little Dude to get his britches changed (that kid has GOT to start using the dadgum potty!)....  all of my blood work came back normal.  I'm healthy!  So why don't I feel like it?

Oh and this week was the saga of the Drama of the Drama.  I will have to pen an epic on this one.  Here's the Cliff Notes version....  I resigned from the Theatre's Board of Directors at our board meeting this past Sunday, which was to have taken place the prior Sunday, but didn't because the Artistic Directors never showed.  And I don't take kindly, as a member of the Board of Directors, much less the president of such (and a group that acts in good faith and with utmost integrity), to being referred to as a "cancer," "petty," "backstabbing," and whatever else the artistic director called the board in his verbal assault to and of me after our J&H dress rehearsal a few weeks back and in writing to the rest of the board.  Oh yes people, the maturity and emotional stability here will rival ANYTHING at TRF.  At least with TRF, many a time we are dealing with teenagers and people who are in their early 20's (and don't get upset with that remark 20 somethings - *I* was that age once too and THOUGHT I was the most mature individual on the planet and knew EVERYTHING....).  With the above, we are talking about people in their 50's.  But I shall, after some time, relay all in gory detail.  I do have one remaining duty to the theater, and that is to helm the annual meeting on July 29th, and then I am done.  Done done done done done ......  Did I mention DONE?

Jen, yes, please, quit your job.  PLEASE!  Don't let time that you could be spending with your children and enjoying them go by.  You know and I know that kids can be a royal pain in the tooshie sometimes, but by God, they are the most wonderful things in the world, and it would sure make your life simpler to stay home and not have to worry about someone else's kids, scheduling the nanny, the rotating door of nannies.....  your health will thank you for it and so will your psyche.  BIG BIG hugs to you! 

This weekend kicks off TRF with new performer and new character orientation and the performance company mixer and I am all kinds of glad for it.  Normalcy shall once again reign supreme!!!

Song Virus du Jour:  A few days ago I had the ULTIMATE song virus in my noggin', "Its a Small World."  But I shant torture you with one today.  Oops!  Sorry!  Already let it out of the bag!

Useless Trivia du Jour:  Read this, its all KINDS of funny.

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