Monday, Jun. 11, 2007 - 7:56 a.m.


Again, as all of the male gender are wont to be, my son is STILL fascinated with his penis.  Here's how "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" is "sung" in our house, by the Travinator of course seeing as Brady is still in the "eating his own feet" stage.....

Picture if you will my little dude spinning around, arms in the air, rocking out to Baby Davinci. He can't sing per se, but he can say the words. It goes something like this...

"Head..... toes.... knees...... eyes...... mouth...... toes....... shoulder...... head....  PENIS!!!!!!!! toes....... knees...... mouth...... ears.......

Normal speaking voice then he SHOUTS "penis."  But not only does he shout it, he does so with this silly little grin on his face.  Cracks me up each and every time.

We are also trying to potty train him and are always asking him if he needs to go potty, or asking him what's in his diaper to get him to tell us if he has a poopie diaper.  "Travis, what's in your diaper?"  "PENIS!"  Ok, not exactly the response we were looking for, but, he IS correct.  It IS in there.  And again, there's this silly little grin.  *Sigh*  my child, the anatomy expert.

Song Virus du Jour:  "A Very Happy Unbirthday to You"  from Alice in Wonderland

Useless Trivia du Jour: Poor hubby was supposed to have Friday off owing to the new 9/80 schedule implemented at work.  Well, not only did he NOT get it off, he worked from home all morning, then had to go into the office.  Then last night, after we left a pool party given by a co-worker, in which his boss was in attendance as well, we had to go downtown so he could run up to his office to check on something.  What should have taken only 15 minutes took over two hours, and needless to say he was pissed.  I just kept driving around, went to pick up coffees, then to pick up food, changed the baby's diaper, fed the baby.... luckily we have a dvd player in the car and Travis was able to watch "Chamber of Secrets" all the way through.  We didn't get home til around 10 last night, then had to get the kids ready for bed, ourselves ready for bed, feed the pets, let the dog out, and he had to put stuff in his car for today (he's been assigned to be the dedicated IT guru for the bigwig execs who are all in town for a conference at some swanky hotel).  So the getting into bed did not commence until after 11.  To top all of it off, he had to leave the house at 5 freaking thirty this morning!  Poor guy!

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