Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2007 - 5:56 p.m.

I Feel So Productive

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So far this week I have:

Worked on the UpStage Theatre Website
Continued the Fundraiser preparation by working on flier for such
Started coordinating volunteers for our upcoming production of Cinderella
Taken 2 full boxes of books, 1 box of magazines and 1 box of VHS tapes to Half Price books for a whopping total of $30
Picked up 1,001 items off the floor left in the tornadic wake of The Destructor
Sought out a venue to hold a possible in town TRF audition
Cleaned cat puke off of the floor
Changed dozens of diapers
Bid on a ratty black mink coat for parts to make sleeves for my next Tudor dress (yeah, I actually want to use real fur)
Watched or rather heard in the background, the movie "Cars" (or in Travi speak "Bye Bye Motie") umpteen million times
Been highly amused that spell check recognizes "umpteen" as a real word
Bid my dear friend/bastard Dornbos a safe and rewarding career in the U.S. Army and begged him to stay in one piece
Fed the fur babies
Fed my children
Fed my husband
Fed my own bad self
Done several loads of laundry
Looked at and set aside the bills
Kissed boo-boo's
Bathed the kiddos
Somehow managed to find time to bathe myself
Read my online forums
Cried from frustration and exhaustion
Discovered that my ulcer STILL freaking hurts, especially if I have cramps and take Ibuprofen to alleviate pain from such
Gone grocery shopping
Eaten enough garlic to ensure I will never be bothered by vampires for the rest of my life
Cleaned the kitchen several times
Kissed baby toes and toddler toes
Taken one hour to myself to soak in the tub.

Song Virus du Jour:  "These Are The Daves I Know" ~ The Kids in the Hall.  Unfortunately there is no video for this as Viacom doesn't allow for it.  Bastards.

Useless Trivia du Jour:  No thanks, I have all the Girl Scout cookies I need.

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